HiLift Cureplex 

Now available at Norris!

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The game changer. A new phenomenon is about to happen. If you don’t know about it, your clients sure will!

Prevent damage before it begins.

HiLift Cureplex has hit Australian shores and Norris has it’s hot little hands on this amazing new product that is set to revolutionise the way you do hair!

Engineered in Switzerland and Made in Italy, Cureplex is a duel action, revolutionary formulation that creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones delivering stronger, healthier hair. Curaplex is designed to be added to colour and chemical treatments preventing damage before it begins.

Cureplex protects hair from chemical harm with:

– No change in bleach, colour or treatment applications

– No change in peroxide percentage

– No change in the lifting or depositing process

The Range 

Cureplex No.1 Bond Creator creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, while protecting the internal structure. It improves hair strength and elasticity.

Cureplex No.2 Bond  Fortifier is a cream that fuses and secures bonds developed by Bond Creator, while delivering added hydration and nourishment. Transforms and smoothes the cuticle layer to create uniform surface.

Cureplex No.3 Bond Sustainer is a bi-weekly at home treatment that delivers emollients to enhance hair suppleness and give shine. Bond Sustainer preserves the effects of the Cureplex Treatment.

Cureplex Technical Menu 

Freelance Style Kit 

Professional Salon Kit