The only scissors a professional will ever need.

Your style. Your size. Your vision on your terms.

Your scissors are the most important tool of the job. Whether you’re just starting out or already at the top of your game, they should be nothing less than a perfect extension of your hand.

At Hatchet, our aim is simple: to bring out your very best work, without compromise. No matter what your budget, size or style preference, our world-class designers already have the perfect pair crafted for you.

With 60+ Hatchet scissors to choose from – spanning 4.5″ to 7″ and an enormous range of styles – you can mix and match to fit your precise preferences.

Whether you’re looking for entry-level efficiency or top-of-the-line refinement; eye-catching colours or no-nonsense design: we’ve got you covered.

Hatchet’s smooth ergonomic design – created by hair experts, for hair experts – will keep your hands comfortable for years to come. And because your Hatchet scissors are an important career investment, we’ll make sure they stand test of time. With a lifetime warranty, a free sharpening services and easy loan replacement scissors whenever you need them, you’ll never need to look anywhere else.

There is a perfect pair of Hatchet scissors already out there, waiting for you. Browse our range today – it could be the start of a beautiful, life-long friendship.