A nationally recognised industry brand. Norris wholesale hair and beauty products from multi national leading names to the latest trending boutique brands through our National network.


To continue to lead the professional only market in Hair and Beauty wholesale distribution. Our business is a combination of reselling industry leading brands and our exclusive private label brands sourced through direct import, internal manufacturing and supplier partnerships.

To support the trade professional exclusively, we do not sell to the public. (Our clients customers).

To own our space in the market and, without compromise, continue to develop systems and processes that are innovative and industry leading.

To create a culture around staff, stores and the Norris brand that creates a hub for clients to have access to the industry and the Norris family through education, customer service and depth and width of product for one stop shopping.


The history of Norris spans over 80 plus years… Norris was a third generation family owned and managed business, which it remains. In the mid 1990’s, Norris developed a franchising model to meet market demands. We now have over 30 stores nationwide. While we are a progressive and pioneering business, our expansion model is based on our history of commitment to the professional only trade, excellent customer service and the integrity of a family owned business.



Right now the buzz is “home and mobile based services” and because of the footprint Norris enjoys, we are best placed to capitalize on this development. The market is busy and we constantly strive to source and develop the highest quality products, partnerships, systems and processes to keep ahead of the game.


To continue to dominate the Market we need to further develop our distribution network, hence our drive to increase franchise partners. Our Stores enjoy the privilege of their own geographical territories, which limit the number of available areas within Australia. This exclusivity allows necessary investment with added peace of mind.


Norris is a full service model, we enjoy several revenue streams. Cash & Carry dominates, but unlike retail, we get to “carry the bag” and visit Hair & Beauty salons direct for additional business and source of revenue. Our education platform is industry leading. We have more than 20 Norris grown Artists around Australia educating on all facets of Hair & Beauty and further strengthens the Norris model.


Training is crucial to the success of any Norris franchisee. We invite committed Franchisees to train at head office in Brisbane, plus additional onsite training.
Education – access to over 20 artists with full event planning support.
Promotions – access to monthly deals, national marketing campaigns and exclusive supplier deals.
Marketing – access to in-house Marketing & Graphic Design team.



  • Enthusiastic to start their own Norris establishment
  • Dedicated to operational excellence
  • Pursuant to high-quality service and sales performance
  • Capable of meeting our financial requirements
    • Minimum Liquid Assets of $250,000
    • Minimum Net Worth of $600,000

The Initial Franchise Fee to open a Norris Store is $60,000, and the initial investment varies from $250,000 to $400,000 depending on numerous factors, such as premise size, initial stock holding and location.




  1. Submit Application. On receipt of your application:
  2. Participate in an initial interview with franchise consultant. Once your application has been reviewed by our team, you will be contacted directly by one of our Franchise Consultants to schedule an initial call or in-person meeting.
  3. Receive and review Norris Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). If you would like to go forward with us, we will send you a copy of the FDD. The FDD contains detailed information on franchising with us and also a copy of the franchise agreement you’ll be signing. During this stage, we strongly recommend you thoroughly review the document with a Lawyer.
  4. Submit verifiable financial information.
  5. Sign the franchise agreement and get excited about owning your very own Norris franchise! Our team will work closely with you in terms of construction, training and opening. Welcome to the Norris family!


  1. What are the terms of the franchise agreement?
    The franchise fee is a one-time payment of $60,000. The ongoing royalty fee is 5% of your Gross Revenue. Marketing fee 1% of your Gross Revenue. The term of the contract is 10 years with 2 options to renew for 5 years each.
  2. What does the franchise fee cover?
    The franchise fee earns you initial and on-site training, the right to use our signage and logos, site and layout assistance and approval, and interior design package, as well as our operations manual.
  3. What does initial training involve?
    Training will take place at our Brisbane headquarters and flagship store. You will work closely with a designated supervisor and headquarters staff. The training fee is included in the franchise fee. You will be responsible for lodging, travel, and other personal costs.
  4. What are the site requirements?
    For a full-service Norris Store, we recommend a space around 150 SM up to 200 SM. We will provide you with a more detailed site criteria checklist before you begin your site selection.
  5. Will Norris assist in site selection?
    We provide you with the site criteria which you will base your site selection on. After you have a list of acceptable spaces, we will accompany you to perform site review and approval.
  6. What if I don’t have business experience?
    Although having a business background is an advantage, it is not required. Candidates with no prior experience are also welcome. You will develop the operational expertise through our training programs.
  7. Who will build my Norris? 
    You will be responsible for the construction of your Norris Store. However, we will assist you throughout the construction process with layouts and designs.
  8. How do I acquire equipment and inventory items?
    We will work very closely with you to ensure all necessary inventory and equipment items are in place ready to open and function as a established Norris Store.
  9. What kind of support does Norris offer for grand opening?
    We will send one of our supervisors to provide you with on-site training for 5-days around the opening date of your Norris Store. They will be there to make sure your business is set up and prepared to operate and will help you get it running.
  10. Do you have a quality assurance program?
    We conduct quality assurance by sending one of our supervisors to your Norris Store periodically throughout the year. They may arrive unannounced and spend the day observing your operations. At the end of the observation the supervisor will submit a report to headquarters. We will use this report to provide you with constructive feedback.
  11. What proprietary items am I required to purchase from Norris?
    You are required to purchase and stock our private labels, our market in general has adopted a broad based distribution policy. Where possible at Norris, we introduce our own proprietary lines to continue to build security in our business and loyalty from our customers. These products guarantee quality, margin and exclusivity.
  12. How do I franchise outside of Australia?
    At this time, we are offering the Master Franchise for undeveloped international territories. As a master franchisee, you will have the exclusive rights to franchise and sub-franchise in designated territories within the country.
  13. How do I get a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?
    You will receive an FDD after your first conversation with us following the submission of a complete application.
  14. Do you provide territorial protection?
    Yes, your Norris Store enjoys strict geographical boundaries. Our franchise agreement demands that no other Franchisee sells into your territory and vice versa.