ASP Kitoko

ASP Lite High Performance Powder Bleach 500g

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ASP Lite High Performance Powder Bleach 500g

  • Brand: ASP Kitoko

The High Performance Dust-Free Powder Bleach

Lite is a high performance powder bleach, suitable for use with all highlighting techniques. The gentle formulation can be used with 3%(10vol), 6%(20vol), 9%(30vol) and 12%(40vol) developers to achieve high lifting power with optimum hair condition. Up to 6-7 levels of lift can be achieved, depending on base colour.

Lite contains Hydrolysed Collagen to eliminate damage and retain the elasticity of the hair. The dust free formulation mixes easily to a smooth creamy consistency for clean and easy application.

• Even faster acting - saves valuable time
• Clean and easy to use - does not run or flake
• Gentle action - preserves hair condition
• Super easy mixing with very little odour
• Improved highlift performance suitable for all techniques


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