Caronlab Brazilliant Film Hard Wax Beads 800g

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Caronlab Brazilliant Film Hard Wax Beads 800g

  • Brand: Caronlab

Caronlab’s revolutionary Hard Wax Beads takes the mess and fuss out of working with wax. For ultra-fast heating time, place your wax in the microwave then straight into your Caronlab Professional Wax Heater.

Designed for all over body waxing, Brazilliant Film Hard Wax Beads effortlessly grip and remove hairs in one application. With a flexible and pliable formula, it ideal for speed waxing and applies to large areas without breaking. 

The low working temperature minimizes irritation and gives it a unique dripless form. It's perfect for waxing both men and women and all body areas including Brazilians, legs, underarm, back, chest and face. Brazilliant is the ONLY wax you need for Power in your Pot!


  • Ideal for total body waxing
  • Ultra flexible
  • Spreads ultra-thin
  • Removes hair with a single application
  • No strips required
  • Save time, money & the environment


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