De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Treatments Relief 50g

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De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Treatments Relief 50g

  • Brand: De Lorenzo
  • Helps calm and sooth your scalp.
  • Relives symptoms of dandruff, psoriasis, itch, flaking, redness and scaling.

Treat your irritated scalp with De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Relief Treatment Creme. This rich pH balanced formula will alleviate dry scalp symptoms including dandruff, itching, scaling, flaking, psoriasis and more.

This emollient rich formulation is made with fennel fruit extract and marrubium.

De Lorenzo products are an environmentally-responsible choice as they are manufactured, packaged, and shipping in environmentally-friendly ways and are never tested on animals.

Use prior to every shampoo until condition is relieved.
Massage cream into affected areas and leave on overnight.
Cleanse and condition in the morning with Tricho Series.


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