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BASE x Victoria Beths Art

by Ailish Silvester 28 Oct 2021
BASE x Victoria Beths Art - Norris Hair & Beauty

Introducing Victoria Beths Art the artist behind the latest limited edition Base Gift Packs. 

Vicky is an incredibly talented contemporary Australian artist specialising in modern floral, portrait and landscapes drawing inspiration from everyday surroundings.

Vicky says “I feel inspired by shapes, colour and the space in-between. The long falling shadows that branches makes across a brilliant sky. The fluffy soft shapes of the long clouds as we drive home. Seeing the movement of the bushes blowing in the wind, and especially watching the wind moving things as it goes.”

“Colour is one of my big motivators and seeing them layered onto each other to give unique finishes and effects is something I super enjoy doing.  To combine all these techniques and effects to bring about a piece of art is what inspires me to create more.”

The multi-talented Vicky not only spends time in her art-studio, she is also the manager of our Norris Toowoomba store. 


Let's hear Vicky's take on this exciting collaboration:

Wow, what an exciting year it has been for me. It has been wonderful to collaborate with Norris to bring my designs right into your hands. Norris is a pro-active, forward thinking company that embodies Australian home grown and I have been lucky enough to fall into their view. My biggest take away, being a contemporary Australian artist specialising in modern florals, has been that I have been able to take someone’s ideas and breathe my creativity into it. This is like a dream come true for an artist. I am constantly inspired by the connections we make with people, items and colour. I celebrate that we all see the world a little differently and truely believe that these connections  help us connect to ourselves personally, especially  on an emotional level. To view art and feel a certain way is precious in itself and we all long to connect. 



Available in 5 flavours to suit every hair type:


Rose Gold:
Formulated with conditioning pigments to create soft pastel rose gold hues to blonde, highlighted hair. Perfect for depositing opalescent colour or softly tone and maintain colour between services.

Designed to neutralise unwanted brassy tones with active violet colour pigments to help brighten blonde and highlighted hues whilst strengthening the cuticle to combat breakage.

Professional strength neutralising pure violet pigments counteract unwanted brassy, yellow tones whilst adding moisture and shine to create brilliant blondes and banish brassiness from brunettes.

Designed specifically to help lock in colour pigments for noticeably longer lasting intense colour, leaving the hair feeling softer and more supple with luminous shine.

Designed to gently cleanse and actively deposit moisture to help make the hair feel soft and silky without drying out. 


Check out more of Vicky's incredible work on her Instagram & Website

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