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Classic Elegance | Multi-Faceted Talent Dyan Acuesta

by Hayley Pryde 04 Mar 2021
Classic Elegance | Multi-Faceted Talent Dyan Acuesta - Norris Hair & Beauty


Dyan has been involved with beauty for over 10 years. Her love for makeup started during her career in aviation, where she managed the Style & Image department for one of the world’s most prominent airlines in the Middle East. Now based in Brisbane, she has worked her way to becoming a renowned Makeup Artist holding a Diploma in Screen and Media.

A multi-faceted talent, Dyan specialising in weddings, photoshoots and special events. Her works include TV, print, digital advertising and fashion shows. Dyan has been fortunate enough to receive training from many international makeup brands and loves to give back to the industry by sharing her skills and knowledge through educating.


When did you discover your love for beauty?
I remember being giddy with excitement during my teenybopper days, when Mum and Dad gifted my sister and I a subscription for Seventeen Magazine from the US. Sometimes the copies would arrive 3 months late but I would still be eagerly awaiting its delivery and would spend countless hours poring over candy-pink lips, voluminous hair, and even smooth hands with french-tipped nails!

When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career as a makeup artist?
In my previous career, we had to wear a full face of makeup every working day and you know what? For 13 years I loved getting ready for work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  So when I moved to Brisbane in 2016, I decided to combine my background in customer service, education, and love for makeup as my pathway to a new start- so here I am now!

How does fashion and trends influence your work?
In my books, fashion and beauty will be impossible to disentangle. These co-dependent industries are so expansive at the moment so I constantly innovate to adapt to changing lifestyles and trends. This allows me to stay modern in my practice while still keeping true to my classic style.

What’s one beauty trend you can’t get enough of right now?
Absolutely loving “SKINIMALISM”!
In this situation we are currently in, people are embracing wearing less complexion products and are prioritising skin care. Nothing better than having that juicy canvas (a.k.a glowing skin) before any form of makeup. Yum.

What is your most requested look?
Definitely the ‘enhanced, polished version of me’. My outcomes are always customised to every client: different tones, features, and personalities. Majority of my work is bridal makeup and I’ve been very fortunate to have most of my brides give me creative license, and trust that they will look and feel their best.

What excites you most about your work?
In education, I live for the ‘light bulb’ moments knowing that I have provided sudden inspiration or revelation to students. I’m optimistic that these significant moments help create a strong foundation for their future careers.

In what way do you think you stand out from other makeup artists?
Having worked in a multicultural environment with 110 different nationalities, this experience has solidified my socio-cultural skills. With this under my belt, I am able to achieve a distinct high calibre of service - may it be for my students in a classroom setting or in a suite with my bridal party!

Favourite products and why?
At present, my kit won’t be without:
Peel Pads for skin prep – bye-bye dead skin, hello brightness!
Lip Balm with SPF - sun protection even on the lips
High Volume Texture Spray – for bouncy curls that last all day
High Performing Hairdryer – for fast drying and smooth styling
Brow Pomade – to achieve feathery brows!

Who do you most admire in the industry?
My first beauty book was ‘Making Faces’ by Kevyn Aucoin so he will always be an icon to me. In 2019, I had the chance to work with Rae Morris and I am completely enamoured with her dynamic attitude, her skill and her comprehension of how to work with facial features. I also love Nikki Wolf, I regard her makeup aesthetic as a real epitome of beauty.

What did you learn from managing your business through Covid-19?
Our industry is one of the many that took a hard hit with this pandemic.  As a sole trader, I focused on looking after my clients and business partners to make sure that they were supported as much as possible, even if it resulted into a financial loss for me at times. Building good relationships and looking after one another has been my mantra during this trying time. The lockdown has also proven that it’s okay to take a break, and to enjoy a slow pace from time to time. Since we have been allowed to operate again, my business has been busier than ever!

For what in your life do you feel most grateful for?
I practice gratitude daily and my list is quite extensive. My top 4 would be:
1. Loving parents that strived to provide me with the best childhood and topmost education
2. The most supportive partner who is also my biggest cheerleader
3. True friendships that stand the test of time
4. The Australian community that has welcomed me with open arms.

Do you live by any motto or philosophy?
Life: “Don’t sweat the small stuff”
Makeup & Beauty: “Keep it clean”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
Can I answer this question when the pandemic is over? Haha! It’s so important to me to keep enhancing my skills and adding value to my clients. I’ll definitely still be in beauty, striving for innovation and growth within the industry. With the current times, I believe adaptability and responding positively to change is a great mindset to have to be sustainable. Right now, I’m working on attaining another skill that I can perhaps merge with my current business (clue: it’s back to aviation) so watch this space!

Hair & Make-Up Artist: @dyanacuesta_makeup
Photographer: @olessia_mcgregor_photographer
Model: @sarah.hrvey

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