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Mesmeric | Industry Insight with Bridie Meehan

by Hayley Pryde 15 May 2020
Mesmeric | Industry Insight with Bridie Meehan - Norris Hair & Beauty


Bridie Meehan has always had a love for all things hair and styling, ‘‘I used to go to the hair salon with my mum and I’d always take a doll with me and try to style it”. Some young girls dream of turning their styling of doll hair into something more and Bridie has done just that, crowned 2019 Hair Expo Apprentice of the Year with her outstandingly beautiful “Mersmeric” collection.

After going through the motions of high school in Echuca, Bridie began her hairdressing Apprenticeship at Trac Iorianni’s Hair Co. After four months she decided to pack up everything and move to the big smoke taking a job at Joey Scandizzo Salon in Melbourne.

This talented young hairdresser is on track to becoming one of Australia’s finest emerging stylist, and we were lucky enough to chat with Bridie about her collection and what her dreams are for her bright future.


Can you tell us a little more about you, your apprenticeship and how you joined Joey Scandizzo salon?
I’m a country girl at heart but that wasn’t stopping me moving to the city when I heard that one of the most renowned salons in Melbourne were hiring Apprentices.I packed up all my belongings within just two weeks after my interview and began my new life in Melbourne and worked as a 1st Year Apprentice at Joey Scandizzo Salon.

Who are your mentors and how are they helping to shape your career?
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many great mentors within the salon and I learnt so much in the time I worked for Joey Scandizzo.

If you could work alongside any hairdresser worldwide for a day, who would it be and why?
I would defiantly work alongside Jen Akins, she’s such an inspiration and an empowering woman. I was lucky enough to be in the crowd at her Look and Learn at Hair Expo 2019. I love that her style is very signature and she doesn’t stay in the comfort zone with her looks.

Congratulations on being chosen as 2019 Hair Expo “Apprentice of the Year”, can you tell us about your experience and what was the driving force behind you entering?
Thank you, I can’t even begin to explain the emotion I was feeling for that whole year and even right until the last second they announced my name as the winner. I didn’t exactly know what to expect when entering but I’m so pleased that I did, because I went through waves where I was unsure of my ability to create a collection and nearly pulled out three times. My mentor Joey encouraged and believed in me and I think that’s what pushed me in creating such a beautiful first collection. I had never imagined I would shoot a collection, but previously that year I became Top 10 Finalist in Australia for Trend Vision and that was my first ever photoshoot with hair and I was addicted after that. I knew I wanted to shoot a collection and I wanted my first one to be while I was an Apprentice.

You must be so proud of your “MESMERIC” collection, how did you dream up the collection, what was your inspiration?
I put everything into this collection and I took inspiration from a personal memory. How I imagined my first ever collection would look is exactly how it turned out. I had drawn inspiration from different fashion shows and hairdressers, but I wanted to create a collection that I’d never seen before and I wanted it to represent me and everything that I love, something that would be captivating and beautiful, and that’s how I came up with ‘Mesmeric’. My imaginative state when I was a little girl always revolved around human-like mystical creatures/beings like fairies and elves. I wanted to combine a memory from early years from my imaginative fantasy into a feminine mesmeric collection to visualise in nowadays.

What is your favourite thing about working in this industry?
That there’s endless opportunities for creators like myself and many pathways to follow. After moving to Melbourne I released there’s a whole other world of hairdressing that I was yet to explore. After being involved with fashion shows, photoshoots, pop-up styling, expo’s, educating and so much more, I fell in love with hairdressing all over again.

Is there any advice you would share with other Apprentices wanting to enter hair competitions?
Try everything and give everything a go. The more experience the more confident you’ll become. Don’t be scared to seek help and advice from mentors as they are there to guide you through and see you become successful.

You are already kicking industry goals; do you have any exciting plans for the future?
Thank you, I have a lot planned for myself and I’m constantly trying to expand my knowledge in the hair industry and that has lead me in recently moving salons. I am now specialising and learning about the world of hair extensions and hair loss in depth. I have many goals I’m yet to achieve but my main one this year will be educating. This year I am organising with the salon I’m at to be educating other hairdressers and salons with colour/cut/style and hair extensions, which I’m so excited about and proud how far I’ve come already.

Insta: @bridiehair_

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