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2022 Styling Trends With EVY Professional

by Hayley Pryde 13 Dec 2021
2022 Styling Trends With EVY Professional - Norris Hair & Beauty


We asked industry giant Tracey Bazzano Lauretta, CEO & Founder of EVY Professional for her top styling predictions for 2022 and she did not disappoint.

Check out her top two looks hitting the new year and her best advice on how to achieve them.


TREND 1: Bouncy Blowouts

How to achieve this look using the EVY Professional Restyle Hot Brush

1. Chosen your desired temp (remember its not direct heat so average is 200-210 degrees).
2. Section the hair and apply heat protector and or a styling spray for extra hold.
3. Detangle and smooth out each section.
4. Wind hair including ends around the barrel and hold 5-10 sections.
5. Unwind gently and release, allowing the hair to cool.
6. Continue around the head using vertical or horizontal sections according to desired styling.
7. Wind straight up on crown area to achieve maximum volume. 
8. To shape curtain bangs, take fringe section and brush forward.
9. Spray with holding spray and personalise - you are now ready to go!

Check out the EVY Professional Restyle Brush in action! 




TREND 2: Effortless Curls

Refine your natural curl using Evy Professional E-Curl Pro

1. Choose your barrel size 
2. Fit the barrel and lock it on 
3. Always use heat glove and choose your desired temperature (180-210 degrees is average)
4. Spray the hair with heat protectant 
5. Taking small sections wrap the hair around the barrel -keep barrel away from the skin to prevent burning

Check out the EVY Professional E-Curl Pro in action! 


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Content credit:

Tracey Bazzano Lauretta
CEO & Founder of EVY Professional

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