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Disturbia | We Interview Zoe Wilde

by Hayley Pryde 15 May 2020
Disturbia | We Interview Zoe Wilde - Norris Hair & Beauty


From beginning her career 15 years ago as a 16-year-old apprentice in a small salon in Regional NSW, to opening her debut Salon (Sir & Duchess), there has been a lot in between which has shaped Zoe Wilde into the Hair Artist that she is today. Zoe thrives on being a “serial risk taker,” and collaborating or joining forces with industry icons to push the boundaries to produce award winning collections. She is also a passionate mentor and educator at Wodonga Tafe Victoria, teaching Colour and Design for up and coming Hairdressers. Zoe’s biggest passion and accolade is combating Family Violence. Recent examples include fundraising over $10k for White Ribbon Australia in 2017 and becoming an ambassador for the Hair3RS initiative program in 2019.

Her “Disturbia” collection, which Zoe describes “as her best one yet,” will put that Rihanna song right in your head, and has definitely caught the attention of the industry (in a good way). Zoe was awarded as a Finalist in not one but TWO categories at the 2019 Hair Expo; New Creative Force & NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year. But the accolades don’t stop there, Zoe was also announced 2019 Hot Shots Fashionista and became a member of the Matrix H.O.T (House of Talent) team.

With her extremely busy schedule, Zoe took the time to chat with us about her award winning collection and what she has planned for the future.


Firstly, congratulations on your achievements at the 2019 Hair Expo, can you tell us about your experience and what was the driving force behind you entering?
This was my third year entering Hair Expo awards and I love the process more and more every year. For me, entering awards isn’t so much about winning, it’s about discovering and showing off the artist within. I love pushing the boundaries and creating unconventional hair art. With my collections there is always an underlying message or influence in which I hope starts a conversation about some taboo topics.

You must be so proud of your “DISTURBIA” collection, what was the vision and influence behind it?
This collection will forever be my most meaningful, I went through an extremely challenging time in my personal life in 2018, and 2019 was a year of grief and healing. Because of this time, “Disturbia” was created from the sense of feeling like you are in a psychosis state. The monster we live within our heads and feeling stuck like a statue.

How did you create the magic and work with everyone involved; stylist, makeup artist and photographer to bring your vision alive?
This concept was created over 4 months of planning and mood boarding. I went to art galleries and researched mental health/personality disorders to understand a little more about the strength and dynamics of the brain. I collaborated with the same MUA and Photographer that have helped me over the last 3 years. I believe the positive to this is the team understanding my concepts because they have been with my last three collections and journey. I believe you have to surround yourself with like-minded creatives, but also letting them adopt the concept to add in their flares which takes the collection to new heights.

Being named as 2019 Hot Shots Fashionista is such an amazing accolade, what was it like inside the House and what does this opportunity mean to you? 
The Hot Shots house was truly life changing. I felt so many “pinch me” moments sitting in the house with all the amazing hair legends who I have grown to be inspired by. It was so refreshing to hear that these icons started the same way as I did, having similar struggles and giving me confidence that I am on the right path.

2019 was an incredible year for you; do you have anything else exciting in the pipeline?
2019 was busy and mind blowing. With winning Hot Shots to becoming a member of the Matrix H.O.T (House Of Talent) team and then travelling to Vienna and London for GoldWell Global Zoom & Salon International, I believe it is a tough year to beat. Though 2020 is shaping up to not disappoint, I have a lot of goals and possibly a bigger charity campaign which I cannot wait to share.

If you could work alongside any hairdresser worldwide for a day, who would it be and why?
This is an easy question, Jenni Tarrant from Bond Hair Religion in Canberra. Honestly, I had massive FOMO of her 2019 Hair Expo Next Gen Show! Seeing images from the night was just not the same as what I imagined it would have been to see it in the flesh. This woman is a power house, she is so raw, authentic and a one of a kind beautiful soul. She inspires me with everything she does in and out of the Hair Industry.

What is the one product/tool that you could not live without?
The product I use on almost every client is the Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer. It is for me the best thermal stying spray on the market. It is lightweight but holds curls and blowouts perfectly without weighing hair down or leaving a crunchy feel on the hair. I also couldn’t live without my GHD Dryer and round brushes. These together always guarantee a perfect blowout and I can create waves that differ to traditional straightener curls that clients can create themselves. For me I believe in giving clients something that cannot be replicated at home so the client feels different and excited.

What do you predict as the next upcoming trend?
I’m seeing a lot of clients and social media trends showing shorter, edgier styles. I believe blunt bobs and side fringes are taking over and to be honest I am ok with that. In colour land we are moving away from vibrant colours and ash blondes to subtle balayages, sunkissed brunettes and creamier blondes.

Insta: @zoe_wilde_hairstylist

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