Brasil Cacau Brazilian Ecokeratin 110ml Kit

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The Brazilian ECOkeratin reinforces the internal hair structure, Sugarcane Extract and Cysteine synergise with the hairs natural keratin to condition, reconstruct, smooth and seal the cuticle, while eliminating frizz and providing internal and external protection to hair.

The Anti residue shampoo

This Brasil Cacau hair shampoo helps eliminate all remnants of styling products left in the hair after design. It comes with omega 3 & 6 deposits that help in nourishing the hair and bringing calmness to the scalp. This ingredient combines with Amazon Acai berry to beef up protection for the hair with overflowing antioxidant content.

The Deep conditioning mask

This hair conditioner plays the role of a guard against pollutants and UV damage. It enables absolute colour guard for treated hair and ensures to keep hair well moisturised all the time. Besides, the conditioner straightens the hair and gives it a good hold for easy styling.

Brasil ECOkeratin treatment

This hair treatment product comes with the exclusive blend of sugarcane extract and cysteine to synergise the hairs keratin. This synergy helps in the effective sealing of the cuticle to avoid excess loss of moisture. The treatment formula also helps to eliminate frizz from hair and keep it well-nourished.

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